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Library Clerk Information

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 Library Clerk Information


Site Assignments and hours of work

We currently have eight Library Clerks to support the district's thirty-six library sites.  Library Clerks work 5 hours per day, Monday through Friday, and their time is allocated to each site based on the student population at the site. 


At the end of each school year, the sites assigned to each Library Clerk are set based on projected enrollment figures.  While we try to avoid changing a clerk's assigned sites, sometimes it can't be avoided in order to balance out the allotted days per library to the clerk's total number of work days for the school year.


Job Description

(Click here to see the official Library Clerk job description)

The Library Clerks are district staff assigned to District Learning Services under the general supervision of the Assistant Superintendent - Secondary and directed by the Senior Library Technician.  They support the school libraries by maintaining resources and records and providing technical and clerical support to the Teacher-Librarians.


The Senior Library Technician trains, directs and supports the Library Clerks in the areas of standard library practices, district learning resource procedures and in the operation and maintenance of the district's integrated library system (ILS).


Because the Teacher-Librarians are the managers of their libraries, the Library Clerks also work under the direction of their T-L's.  The T-L will determine the Library Clerk's start and end times, they prioritize the work and they determine what tasks they require from their Library Clerk in order to best support the function of their libraries. 


The following is a list of tasks that Library Clerks perform.  However, some tasks may be performed by the T-L, by the office staff (in the case of ordering and maintaining accounts), or by parent volunteers depending on availability of time and the policy set by the district, school administration or the Teacher-Librarian.


Library Clerk Task List


ILS record maintenance

    • Adding Title and/or Copy records to the system for new items acquired by the library.
    • Deleting records for withdrawn/discarded items.
    • Inventorying collection.
    • Adding records for new patrons (students, staff, student teachers, parents, etc.)
    • Removing records for Student Teachers and parents (non-student or staff patrons).


Circulation and related functions

    • Checking resources out to patrons
    • Discharging returned resources
    • Recording payments for lost resources.
    • Placing holds on resources for patrons.
    • Processing available holds.
    • Processing long overdue/lost items
    • Assisting staff and students with library use, including locating resources, using the online catalogue and operating library equipment. 


Collection maintenance

    • Shelving resources.
    • Shelf-reading (checking for, and correcting miss-shelved resources).
    • Resource repair.
    • Preparing withdrawn resources for disposal.
    • Moving/reorgainizing resources.
    • Boxing-up and reshelving resources that need to be moved for renovations, library moves or school closures.


Ordering/Receiving/Processing new resources

    • Compiling and placing orders of new resources selected by T-L
    • Maintaining budget and paper records.
    • Reconciling received resources with invoice and original order.
    • Following up on incomplete or incorrect orders.
    • Prepare resource for library use including:
      • stamping with school identifation
      • affixing barcode, spine and genre labels (if applicable)
      • laminating dust jackets
      • reinforcing paperbacks
      • applying security strips


Clerical tasks

    • Maintaining administration files
    • Preparing bibliographies
    • Photocopying materials for the T-L
    • Typing lesson sheets, correspondence, forms, reports, etc. for T-L
    • Preparing overdue lists and report.


...and other duties as assigned.









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